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Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program

Currently Closed

Expected notification:
after 31 March 2019

Next round opens:
2 October 2019

Next round closes:
11 December 2019

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Now Open

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2 October 2019, 12:00 midday

Close date:
11 December 2019, 12:00 midday

Expected notification:
31 March 2020


The Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program, (SRDIP), is to assist eligible organisations to develop and implement projects that will grow the sport or activity, improve services and/or address barriers to inclusion.

The SRDIP will contribute to the South Australian Government Policies:

  • Better prevention for a healthy South Australia.
  • Encouraging active kids
  • Supporting diverse and vibrant multicultural community

Key Dates

Open: 2 October 2019 (12pm midday)

Closes: 11 December 2019 (12pm midday)

Information Sessions

Information Sessions will be arranged once the next round has opened.


2019-20 Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program budget is $3,188,000 million. Applicants can apply for up to $100,000 each year for up to 2 years.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding through the Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program, an organisation must be:

  • a sport or active recreation organisation; or
  • a non-sport or active recreation organisation when the project outcomes deliver significant benefit for sport or active recreation organisations or when the project benefits targeted populations and does not duplicate a program delivered by sport or active recreation organisations.

Organisations must also:

  • be not-for-profit
  • be properly constituted and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (1985) or have another comparable legal status
  • be able to demonstrate good financial management through the provision of sound financial history/systems (minimum 1 year of operation)
  • not have any Office for Recreation and Sport grant acquittals and/or reports overdue.

State Sport and Active Recreation Organisations, Industry Representative Bodies, Local Government, Community Groups, Incorporated Sport Clubs or Active Recreation Clubs*.

* It is recommended that Clubs contact the Office on 1300 714 990 to discuss the project they wish to apply for.

Eligible Projects

Projects are to be delivered on a state-wide or regional basis, unless a local inclusion need is being addressed.

Projects focusing on the needs of greater metropolitan and regional areas are encouraged

Assessment Process

Stage 1: Initial Screening

Following the closure of the round, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will screen applications to check that all essential documentation has been provided and no other issues have been highlighted. Acceptance of essential documentation received after the closing date will be at the discretion of the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing.

Applicants are required to provide all essential documentation in order to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2: Assessment Process

Eligible applications will be assessed on the answers provided in the application form and whether the project meets the following assessment criteria:

  • Need, scope and value of the program/project
  • Immediate outcomes for the Recreation and Sport Industry/Community
  • Applicant’s contribution and proven capacity to administer and deliver programs/projects
  • Sustainable and long term outcomes for the organisation/Recreation and Sport Industry/Community

Satisfying the above assessment criteria alone does not guarantee the receipt of a grant.  The proposed project will also be assessed against the relevant merit of other projects in meeting the funding program objectives, objectives of the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing and the extent to which the project will increase sustained participation in active recreation and sport.

Please note:

It is anticipated that the number of eligible applications and funds sought will exceed the funds available and therefore the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing does not guarantee projects will be successful, nor that all successful applications will receive the full amount of funding requested.

Stage 3: Recommendations

Funding recommendations will be forwarded to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing for consideration. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application once the Minister has approved the recommendations.

Assessment Criteria

The matrix below summarises the eligibility of organisations for the different project types through this application process. Projects are to be delivered on a state-wide or regional basis, unless a local inclusion need is being addressed.

Projects focusing on the needs of greater metropolitan and regional areas are encouraged.

* It is recommended that Clubs contact the Office on 1300 714 990 to discuss the project they wish to apply for.

Project Type

Sport and Recreation Organisations


Community Organisations

Strategic Projects that improve organisational performance of State organisation or are state level projects

Development of new or improved programs/pathways/events - state level project

Targeted support for talented athletes at state level

State or regional Club development and volunteer management initiatives

Inclusion initiatives that embed sustainable opportunities for targeted populations

For a project to be considered ‘inclusion’ the following elements must be evident:

  • Identified target group for one of the following communities: Indigenous, Multicultural, People with a Disability, Women, Mature Age, LGBTIQ and how the project links to broader inclusion outcomes.  Social disadvantage will be considered where there is sufficient evidence provided to substantiate this.
  • Clear strategies and methodology to engage with the target group
  • Strategies to overcome barriers to participation for target group – this may include training / education for organisation staff/volunteers to support their work with the target group
  • Program is offered predominantly for the target group (there may be other participants, but the program focus in on the inclusion of target group)
  • Exit strategy to allow continued participation when funding ceases. Participant contribution to the program is one strategy.

Higher scores will be given to inclusion projects that contain:

  • Program that builds in ongoing participation opportunities, which may include links to existing clubs, programs, venues.
  • Participant contribution to the program, to support sustainability of the program and the individual’s ability to continue participation in the activity if they move away from this targeted program.
  • Demonstrated links to partner organisations, communities or target groups.  This may include Letters of support, existing relationships and partnerships.
  • Evidence base for program to support demonstrated need and choice of the program you propose to deliver.  This may include statistical data, demographic outline and research.
  • Clear link between the project and the overall inclusion strategy of the organisation.

If you are unsure about the applicant’s eligibility please contact Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing on 1300 714 990.

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Office for Recreation and Sport grants are managed through SmartGrants Portal. Please login to view the status of your grant applications.

Program Guidelines

Managing your Grant


The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing grants are managed through SmartyGrants. Please login to view your grant application/s and grant obligations due.

Variations to your grant

When unforeseen circumstances occur in the delivery of your grant. Grantees can seek additional time or to amend the purpose of the grant. For further information Grant Variation Fact Sheet (PDF, 195 KB)

Contact us and Sign up to Notifications

For further clarification on the guidelines or to discuss your application, please contact Funding Services on:

Phone:             1300 714 990

Email:              ORSR.Grants@sa.gov.au

Website:          www.ors.sa.gov.au/funding

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