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Game On


The Game On: Getting South Australia Active project will be a call to action for industry leaders, government and other interested stakeholders.

Game On will identify the key opportunities and challenges for participants in and providers of sport and recreation through extensive community consultation.   Once key opportunities and challenges have been identified, an Expert Panel will prioritise the issues that optimise the benefits for the community. The priority issues will then be investigated further to fully understand each issue from both a community and expert perspective. At this point, the findings will be published in a Game On issues paper.

The Game On issues paper will be a focal point for sport and recreation organisations to maximise their limited resources to effect systemic change - both individually and collectively. Game On will support strategic planning for individual organisations, for the sport and recreation sector at large and will be a tool to foster collaboration amongst traditional and non-traditional partners to address the Game On issues.


The Game On project commenced in January 2019. Statewide consultation commences in June.

The Game On Implementation Plan will be finalised by the end of 2019.

The implementation of recommendations will commence at the beginning of the 2020 year.

Statewide Consultation

ORSR are consulting with the state collectively about the Game On project, as well as The South Australian Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Plan and The Grants Review from late June to August.

Visit the State Wide Consultation page to register for a consultation session.

If you cannot attend any sessions you may wish to review the Consultation Discussion Paper and answer the survey questions.

Contact Us

In writing:
ORSR Game On
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing
PO Box 219
Brooklyn Park SA 5032

Or email: GameOn@sa.gov.au